New material: high density rubber foam insulation tube

June 16, 2021
Latest company news about New material: high density rubber foam insulation tube

The rubber foam insulation tube is very safe to use, neither irritating the skin nor endangering health. The rubber foam insulation tubes can prevent the growth of molds, avoid pests or rat bites, and are acid and alkali resistant and have superior performance. These properties make Holly rubber foam insulation tube an ideal insulation material for protecting pipelines, preventing them from being corroded by atmospheric media or industrial environments. Wide applicable temperature range (-40℃ to 105℃), good weather resistance, durable and practical, with excellent fire and flame retardant effect.


The rubber foam insulation tube is easy to install, and the appearance is beautiful. Because of the flexibility of this product, the installation is simple and convenient. Pipe installation: It can be installed together after putting it on, or the pipe can be cut longitudinally and then glued with aluminum foil tape. For complex parts such as valves, tees, elbows, etc., after cutting the plates, they can be wrapped and glued in different shapes to ensure the tightness of the entire system, thereby ensuring the thermal insulation of the entire system. In addition, because the material has the smooth and smooth appearance of rubber and its excellent performance, there is no need to add a vapor barrier or protective layer, which reduces the trouble in construction, and also ensures a beautiful and smooth appearance. When the equipment or pipeline is overhauled, the stripped material can be reused without changing its performance.

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