What are the eight advantages of foam rubber and plastic insulation pipes?

May 25, 2021
The eight advantages of rubber foam insulation pipe are:
1. Good environmental performance, no harmful substances in the atmosphere, no pollutants will be produced during installation;
Second, the fire performance is high, the rubber and plastic insulation pipe has the characteristics of non-combustible fire, and is rated as B1 flame retardant material;
Third, good thermal insulation performance, low thermal conductivity can effectively isolate heat conduction;
Fourth, the water absorption coefficient is small, due to the closed structure of the plastic insulation pipe, the external water molecules are difficult to penetrate into the material;
5. Low density, light weight, good light weight and reduced material usage;
Sixth, long service life, with corrosion resistance, freeze-thaw resistance, anti-aging and other characteristics;
Seven, the appearance of flat rules, no need to add external decoration;
Eight, easy to install.
1. Low thermal conductivity: Rubber-plastic panel is a kind of high-quality thermal insulation material. Its raw material rubber has low thermal conductivity. It is an excellent material for cold insulation and thermal insulation. It can stably heat various media. Effect.
2. Good fireproof performance, high-quality insulation materials not only require excellent performance in thermal insulation performance, but also must achieve non-combustible or flame retardant effect. Rubber foam board insulation materials are certified by national standards and belong to B1 grade flame retardant materials. Effectively prevent the spread of fire and protect the surrounding environment.
3. The rubber foam tube is waterproof and moisture-proof. The internal structure of the rubber-plastic pipe material is closed-closed. The water vapor in the outside is difficult to penetrate into the material. Therefore, the rubber foam tube can play a good role in moisture-proof and waterproof, and it will not be external. Water absorption in a humid environment causes a decrease in insulation effect.
4. Long service life, rubber foam materials have excellent weather resistance, anti-aging, cold and heat resistance, and also have anti-ultraviolet, ozone-resistant, twenty-five years of non-aging, no deformation, maintenance-free service life and other characteristics. .
5. The rubber foam pipe material is environmentally friendly, contains no harmful substances, meets the requirements of ISO14000 international environmental protection certification, and does not produce any harmful pollutants during the installation and application process.
6. The rubber foam sheet material is soft and has good toughness. Therefore, it is convenient for the construction. It can be easily installed for the pipe joints and irregular materials such as corners and tees. In addition, the appearance of the rubber and plastic pipe is flat and beautiful. Modification reduces construction time and saves costs.