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August 12, 2021
Latest company news about shooting game clay targets pigeon

Wuxi Holly's Environment shooting clay targets are made from a mixture of pitch and pulverized limestone to achieve that calculus of durability and brittleness to break when hit by a few shotshell pellets.There are biodegradable targets that over time dissolve into the soil.
Wuxi Holly`s Safety Clay Pigeon Target is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. These Colorful Shooting Targets are easy to use and easy to see in the air.Safety Clay Target contains fluorescent powder which explodes in a puff when the target is hit. Safety Clay Pigeon Target has great visual impact.There are no worries about trashing the field or range. Made for trap, skeet, sporting clays or recreational shooting, these biodegradable Clay Shooting Target is usable in both hand-set and automatic trap machines.Shooters can challenge themselves by practicing alone or with friends.Each box contains 150 discs, so clay targets are plenty to keep the fun going all day long.Utilize them to improve eye-hand coordination while aiming at a moving target.Clay Target will benefit and sharpen other hunting skills as well.
Wuxi Holly pioneered environmental protection within the target industry.We strive to reconcile ecological commitment with high-level targets.
In addition, we use natural pigments that meet environmental standards.They are extremely high performing and are now used in many national and international competitions.Finally, all our packaging is made of recyclable materials.
The Environment shooting clay target is a new type of degradable clay target which is developed to replace the the asphalt,resin material target in the existing market.
Our clay targets are with stable flight trajectory, strong wind resistance and eye-catching colors, could help athlete reach his full potential, comparing to other pitch targets,our targets are degradable and environmental, our targets already been used in many domestic competitions and have been well received by athletes and coaches as well as foreign users and enterprises,we gradually started to promote international sales models.
In addition to clay target, our company also has other sports and entertainment products, such as treadmill mat, barbell pad, from grip, yoga mat, and clay target launcher.